January 23, 2014

Outfit: Love is all you Need

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 photo 22dd298f-5603-4188-81af-bf6a7a6070a7_zps9b5b1e29.jpg  photo b94abb36-9d8f-4544-9cb4-b88700bbbe86_zps58a0a37c.jpg
How adorable is this top? 
I found it in my latest swap bag with Kaitlyn and I was super excited because it looked like a sweatshirt, but it's actually a knit. This is a perfect example of everyday wear around my house. 
This day I did not leave my home. Could I have worn yoga pants and a hoodie? Yes. Did I choose to wear a simple yet cute outfit instead? Always! ;)
 photo eee9cf89-482d-4e50-88ec-f7983cf1c94f_zps29f8824a.jpg  photo 2c09bc11-ecb0-49a9-bbf0-a03a72e593eb_zps8242c195.jpg  photo 6e0629cc-4e1f-40ff-80d6-129feaa34e3b_zps52f0a6ec.jpg  photo 8fc5b22e-da5a-44c7-a052-8c811d23438d_zps0cd2e9fc.jpg Top: Old Navy (Swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Jeans: Levis // Boots: c/o Just Fab // Necklace: House of Gemmes // Watch: Fossil // Ring: T+J Designs

This is also a great example of the type of everyday jewelry I wear. The necklace is a perfect length that my kids don't mess with it, one ring and a watch...done! 

What do you think?
What's your go-to outfit for weekdays at home?


Julie said...

My go-to outfit for a day at home is usually just sweats or yoga pants and a comfy top. haha! I should try to make myself get into a rhythm of getting up and getting dressed before I do anything but I've been stuck in the "new mom" rutt I guess...And my daughter is almost a year old now! hahaha! I'm horrible!


Unknown said...

That is a cute sweatshirt and I love how you styled it.

Unknown said...

Love that sweater! Yes, pun intended! So simple and pretty. Love those boots too! ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

It took me 10 months after my first child to start getting dressed again....and now there is no stopping me! ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks so much! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks gwennie! xo

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