January 14, 2014

Outfit: Wait, How Cold is it Outside?

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 photo 9b4d005b-56b2-4e4f-8101-625bbce18abb_zpsed3ebcbe.jpg  photo 6ae1ec84-bd30-4ad9-ad09-4cff6e267f78_zpsd60b073e.jpg 
Last week we had the coldest weather we have had here in the Chicago land area in over 100 years. It was -15 degrees and -40 if you count the windchill. 
I actually had to break the ice around my car so I could move and then the car had a very hard time starting. My contacts froze in my eyes...it was all sorts of crazy.
 I realized there was no way my camera would be able to take photos for more then a shot of two. 

What do you wear on a day that is this cold? 
An adorable knit, skinny jeans, and boots of course. 

 photo 3f8d3c47-7ce0-4d9b-88bb-73b05fecb9d0_zpsb5421e4c.jpg  photo b8f56cb4-c95f-473a-8007-53388db24f04_zpsd5f4df70.jpg  photo 0dc8c445-2b3d-4ca6-b686-0610d54c1331_zpsc9b375a4.jpg
Sweater: Sammy Dress (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Jeans: American Eagle // Boots & Bag: c/o Just Fab // Ring: Pree Brulee // Necklace: c/o Sarah Aghili // Earrings: c/o Sole Society 

I obviously wore a jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, and a hood as well, but that wouldn't have made much of an outfit post! lol

What do you wear on super cold days? 


Vanessa V. said...

You look lovely dear. The sweater is really cute!

The Vanadiere!

lisa fergus said...

thanks so much! xo

Arin {Heart of Chic} said...

it's about to get a lot colder today! hope you stay warm! cute outfit xo HeartofChic.com

Julie Maguda said...

It was really cold here in Pittsburgh too. Not quite as cold as there but BRRRR!! lol! Now its back up to the 40/50s. So weird!!


Berty Morales said...

Great sweater and love that ring.

Gwen L. said...

Love those jeans! That sweater looks cozy too! :)

lisa fergus said...

lol...I'm ready! ;)

lisa fergus said...

It went back up to the upper 30's and now today it's 9. ugg...gotta love the winter! ;)

lisa fergus said...

thanks girl! xo

lisa fergus said...

the jeans were under $30!!! love them!!!