March 24, 2014

Outfit: Rain Boot Season

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I am proclaiming that we have a fifth season now, rain boot season. Yes, I wear rain boots in the fall, winter, and spring, but now in the Midwest we have an actual rain boot season in between winter and spring. 
One day it snows and is in the 20's or 30's, the next it is 50 and sunny, the following it's raining and in the 40's. This makes for lots of muddy puddles and flooded areas!

Well, I might as well wear cute rain boots to beat these wet, muddy, and slushy grounds. 
 photo 333eb6c2-653e-4439-b0c9-b5020032ca64_zpsdec5f10d.jpg  photo 6c777760-337c-49a5-b7db-9bdfd331296a_zpse3e62fc6.jpg  photo cb8e05fb-35b6-4624-9a39-d7d12e4cd362_zpsc2a1310c.jpg  photo 061e338d-cf73-4828-b21c-91ce334d4355_zps2b4c9c8f.jpg
Tee: J.Crew // Cardigan: Forever 21 // Shorts: Levis // Boots: c/o Joules Clothing // Bag: Just Fab // Necklace: c/o It's a Bling Thing // Sunnies: Prada // Watch: Fossil 

How cute are these navy striped Wellibob crop rain boots? They are perfect for year round wear and look cute with anything from cutoffs to skinny jeans or leggings. You should really check out Joules Clothing rain boot selection, there are so many to choose from!

What do you wear when the weather can't decided what season it is outside?
How would you pair these crop rain boots?


Sarah Hartley said...

Those are such cute boots! Very different than you normally see.

Balancing Lisa said...

right??! It was love at first sight!

Hélène Heath said...

Ugh tell me about it, the weather here on the east coast is also seriously skizo! Those boots are adorable!!

xx Hélène

Laura said...

I love those boots! Are they comfortable? I need some solid rain boots for commuting in the city, but I definitely don't want tall ones when its 100 degrees and 100% humidity (its right around the corner right?!@)

Johanna said...

I think those boots are so cute. Seriously. Would be so cute with a dress, too!