April 25, 2014

Guest Post: Jessica & Jill of Jess + Jill

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Gloomy Days, Bright Attire 
Hello! To those that may not know us, we're Jess & Jill - two blogger besties who eat, drink, and dress up together! And lately we've had one thing on our mind... warmer weather. So Mother Nature, listen up.
When it comes to spring, outside of the flowers and allergens (hello, itchy eyes!), our minds go straight to rainy weather. While we absolutely love staying dry inside with a Netflix marathon and comfy pajamas, at some point we have to leave our house. But who says the weather has to cramp your style?
We can't get enough of a fun rain boot and funky umbrella, since they make a unique statement on a gloomy day. If wet jeans aren't your thing - because really, who enjoys that - a rolled up pair takes care of the problem and gives off an effortlessly fashionable look. Plus, a distressed design helps hide any raindrops! And there's no excuse to pull out that poncho you paid an arm and a leg for at Disney. These coats will keep you dry without looking like a tourist, because that's never chic.
1. Pocket Umbrella ($26.50) - J.Crew, 2. Tapered Boyfriend ($194.00) - Henry & Belle, 3. Umbrella ($38.00) - kate spade new york, 4. Longchamp Le Pliage Tote ($145.00) - Bloomingdale's, 5. Rainy Day Necklace ($25.00) - Emily Elizabeth Jewelry, 6. Double Breasted Raincoat ($139.00) - Zara, 7. Ted Baker 'Atiri' ($150.00) - Zappos, 8. Rainy Day Earrings ($22.00) - red truck designs, 9. Daisy Lace Plastic Mac ($96.00) - Topshop, 10. Spring 13 Rainboot ($39.00) - Marc by Marc Jacobs, 11. Coincidence & Chance Cutest Rain Slicker Jacket ($79.00) - Urban Outfitters, 12. Hunter Original Rain Boots ($140.00) - Akira, 13. Gold Circle Bracelet ($20.00) - Pura Vida Bracelets.
Who couldn't smile at these little accessories? Facing this weather is looking a whole lot better already! And if you haven't had your fill of weather complaints, you can vent about it to us on Twitter

I spy a few items I must pick up asap! ;) Thank you so much for helping me out with a guest post ladies! Make sure you all head over to their blog and show them some love! xo


Pilar said...

I need to replace my old hunters, and those yellow ones are so pretty!

Jess and Jill said...

If you're gonna do a bright color for rain gear, we think yellow is perfect!