August 11, 2014

This Skirt was Made for Twirling...

 photo 0af6dda0-8f89-44b1-91f8-8b05e49897db_zpsc620cd33.jpg  photo 8423093a-5f03-4f2b-a960-fda005587383_zpse68986be.jpg  photo 741d9f63-5916-4ffd-91cb-9833dec1b25f_zpsd766f420.jpg
Every morning my daughter gets dressed and twirls as soon as she looks in the mirror. It seems to make her so happy. She usually follows the spin with a "this looks beautiful, right mama?".
So, every now and then I put on an outfit and immediately do a twirl in the same mirror. She's right, it does make getting dressed more fun and actually is quite practical so you can see what will happen if it gets windy or find out if it's too short.
This skirt has "spin in me" written all over it don't you think?

This outfit was easy to style as it came together (thanks Carly)! (I'll tell you more about my TSF box service experience later in the week.)
I added simple gold jewlery and my favorite black heels to finish the outfit off.
 photo e61571d0-6f8a-4048-b4d9-380d8719abe7_zps2eb89d0e.jpg  photo e6b8bcde-68f7-4953-a597-c2d794b759a6_zps35a28fa7.jpg  photo c0480c86-5c0e-4cbe-8723-735aa0428a98_zps147bbc10.jpg  photo bdf40f7f-3ab1-420d-9b37-41900fc4d0bf_zps5c237159.jpg  photo 36e0fb49-ae7d-4d4b-a7b2-07d972274de5_zps4c289394.jpg
Tank: M.Rena (via TSF Box Service) // Cardigan: Renee C. (via TSF Box Service)  // Skirt: Freeway (via TSF Box Service)  // Shoes and Necklace: Just Fab // Watch: Fossil // Sunnies: Prada 

What do you think of this outfit? Do you ever twirl in the mirror like you did when you were a kid?

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