August 12, 2014


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I was recently cleaning up my IPhoto and realized how many photos I take and do not actually use on the blog.
For ever 6-9 photos you see in each outfit post, so many more where taken. 
When my hubby or Kaitlyn takes photos me, we can usually knock it out in 15 frames or less, but when take my own photos I take a lot more. I generally set up my auto timer and take 8 frames at a time giving me anywhere from 20-50 photos to choose from for each outfit. 

Meaning, more then two thirds of the photos I take you guys never see! you wanna see? I give you my outtakes.

I like to call these the photos "that just didn't make the cut":
 photo 7fa31243-eda4-411a-97fb-75912b652ed3_zps755fdb90.jpg  photo 607e6253-5cbe-49ce-a487-734de4b0c8b7_zps753f9eda.jpg  photo ffac1226-62cb-40c2-966b-f3650693bd40_zps91ef9751.jpg

These are the "Windy Day" photos: 
 photo 80bf80e3-6925-40bd-b656-9a6467172ef3_zpsdcde696a.jpg  photo d9408d31-045b-426f-a36e-1ed208fb6d6e_zps07bd9eb4.jpg  photo 3a717096-f27a-4c3e-b790-529012a7ac8f_zps01212662.jpg

These are awkward, out of focus (moving), or my eyes are closed.
The "Unusable photos": 
 photo e382b951-958d-4b91-9674-1bc5ff152852_zps07154fbc.jpg  photo af400df3-4b41-45d1-b705-d053985b9071_zps8aa8c54a.jpg  photo 9b3a02ff-9cbb-4589-b5d3-9f66526e8170_zps9718ce8d.jpg  photo d7e284e7-82f2-487b-95f1-c0c4332b678e_zpsd232db24.jpg  photo 54a8986b-15e2-4d3b-b434-b61fcc23da21_zpse690fda5.jpg  photo 3fa48e0f-d9af-49d0-aef6-eecd40896048_zps25764e45.jpg  photo b561c208-a497-48dd-8627-ed580bd63d5c_zpsff563c7b.jpg  photo 0212b7ae-4069-4cb7-8f28-b2ccdce5b99b_zps470b54ad.jpg

And then there are these:
 photo d2e3e38c-df9e-4b93-833b-4dea07bf5c2d_zps9f667e89.jpg  photo b662130f-1cce-4622-afdc-b206118a9023_zps595a738b.jpg  photo a8712d94-7b53-4d08-950f-9dd07376af51_zps4bf40c8c.jpg  photo a0f3dffe-e57c-4919-afb4-c723db800c27_zps5885b529.jpg

I mean....the last few are amazing right?
Do you like seeing my outtakes? Which is your favorite?

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