August 13, 2014

Zoo Brew at Brookfield Zoo

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 photo 00774cc1-5be4-4ae5-aee2-72ccb6af338f_zps4d64cc01.jpg  photo d02aacd8-2b76-4e86-ace1-6b78b6f33d37_zps715d0fe1.jpg  photo 317c007f-91d7-4046-9397-5e46cfe9e45a_zps5f89434f.jpg This is my second time attending the Zoo Brew (last time was in 2012) and I have to say, myself and my hubby had a blast! 
I have recently been getting more into beer, well craft beer actually. I have found that I enjoy hops and amber colored beer best. Back in my college days I was always a Bud Light or Miller Lite drinker because I thought I liked light beers. Turns out, I like my beer a bit stronger! 

Zoo brew is so fun and it makes for a great opportunity to try out new beers I'd never buy a six pack of not knowing if I'd like it or not. 

It was 82 degrees this day so I decided to wear these super cute lace trim shorts with a crop quilted print tank. I brought my new favorite light weight cardigan so I had something to put on after the sunset. 
 photo 02973df1-49aa-484a-ad20-5e87d95ed15a_zps79c27d5f.jpg  photo f91b9e11-2279-412a-86c4-150a74166dee_zps236257fe.jpg  photo 9a8209d6-e486-4402-ae5e-02cf6974e804_zps4cadebc9.jpg
Top: Zara // Cardigan: Renee C. (via TSF Box Service) // Shorts: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Shoes: Victoria's Secret // Bag: c/o Just Fab // Sunnies: Walgreens // Watch: Fossil // Bangle: c/o It's a Bling Thing 

Have you ever attended a zoo brew or a beer tasting? What do you think of the outfit I choose to wear? 

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