October 3, 2014

Halloween DIY: Margot Tenenbaum

Last year for Halloween I wanted to be Margot from the Royal Tenenbaums. The only problem, I had no items that could make up the costume and I did not want to buy a bunch of new stuff. 

I decided to get creative and DIY a bit to keep the cost down. The outfit was not the exact same, but it was close enough and everyone knew what I was going for.

Here is what Margot looks like:
 photo margot-tenenbaum2_zps6f8579e8.jpg
Here is my finished product: 
 photo 1395159_10202439231249038_1359324085_n_zps41e9555a.jpg
OK, so for starters I decided I would need to buy a wig. I found a great one on Amazon that was under $30 and just cut it myself into a bob. Super easy and I felt like I was saving money by getting the cheaper wig and just cutting it myself. 
 photo IMG_0055_zps71b1e344.jpg
Next I needed the signature red barrette. I searched high and low but they all seems too expensive, the wrong size, or came in packs of 5, and I only needed one. I decided to use an existing barrette and just paint it with red nail polish. So easy and that cost me zero dollars as I had both an old barrette and red nail polish already on hand. 
 photo IMG_0058_zps0dadb385.jpg
The next two items, the collared dress and the fur coat, I also did not have nor did I want to buy. I did shop around but there were both so expensive! 
For me the solution was easy, I used a long sleeve stripe dress from Old Navy and bought a collar on Amazon. I believe this was under $5. Using bobby pins, I secured the collar in place onto the dresses neck. 
 photo IMG_0054_zps24295f0d.jpg  photo IMG_0053_zpsa1069e07.jpg
I wore my brown wool coat because I did not want to buy a faux fur. I did go to goodwill and a few other stores and looked for one that would work, but they were all too pricey for one night of wear. I think my coat worked just fine and I didn't have to spend a dime, as again, I already had this in my closet! 

The only other two items I bought were ruffle ankle socks and pink gloves. 
To finish the look off I added my plaid Sole Society flats to make it my own. 

Here is the finished look:  
 photo 1fc48906-7c41-40ab-afb4-ee35a4cea4d8_zps73c6c661.jpg

What do you think? Do you ever tweak the costume and make it your own? 
I don't think you need to spend lots of money on a one day look....unless of course we are talking about NYE! ;) 

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