February 25, 2015

A Healthier Way to Live

I have previously talked about chemical free deodorant and my path to live a healthier life. Since writing that post back in 2013, I have mixed it up a bit on the under arm front. 
I have not used anything other the Schmidt's for well over a year, but I recently found a new combination that I truly love. When it comes to the antiperspirant aspect, I use Schmidt's daily. Every morning, it's my go-to. Then for the heavy deodorant days (mid-day/after gym/busy times) I have been using  
The Honest Company brand deodorant spray. It really does eliminate oder! The combination of the two of them together is unstoppable. And I use the Lavender & Sage sent from both brands so they really were made to compliment each other! 
 photo IMG_0080_zpswuujquae.jpg 
As long as we are talking about The Honest Company (See previous post here about my addiction to this brand), here are two more of their products that I am currently loving. 
-Air + Fabric freshener in Lavender Vanilla

The air freshener is amazing. It smells good and since I live in a home with kids and pets (plus myself and my husband of course) I feel better knowing it's chemical free. I mean I love a fresh scent in the air, but not at the risk of our health, right? 

The body oil has been a life saver this harsh winter in the Midwest! I use it after showers and it really makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. 
 photo IMG_0079_zpswekxm69d.jpg

What kind of deodorant or antiperspirant do you use? Do you have any non-toxic products that you are loving lately? Let's chat in the comments section... 

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