February 20, 2015

Shorter Hair & Colder Weather

Goodbye long locks, I cut off six inches of my hair on a whim! Last week I called Mario Tricoci at 9:00am and they were able to squeeze me in at 12:45pm. With less then four hours to decided what to do, I did what any regular girl would; I looked on Pinterest! I also sent Kaitlyn my top photos once I got it in my head it was time for a bigger change then a trim to ask her if I was crazy or not. She told me to go for it and that was just the extra nudge I needed! 

In the end I'm so glad I went for it! It felt great to get all those inches off and it just seems more me, no? Plus the hubby loves it so  it's win win. 

Trying to blog outfit posts in subzero weather means indoor shots. As in my camera literally does not work outdoors. Nor do I want to stand outside and freeze! 
It also means the kids are home from school while this is happening. During these photos, both kids are just out of frame laughing and messing with me. That's what you get for trying to multitask mom! ;) 

 photo fashionblogger_zps1m3ea4r7.jpg  photo momblogger_zpsiwtaql1r.jpg  photo woolhat_zps3nzuhe6o.jpg  photo bohofashion_zpsde4crvaf.jpg  photo fashion_zps3b1tsacd.jpg  photo boho_zpsqfblynqi.jpg
Please hold, my timer does not stop shooting just because I start answering my texts. Plus this is real life blogged, not a photo shoot with help! 
 photo boots_zpsf7z8npl9.jpg  photo bohostyle_zpsssyfjvak.jpg
Cardigan: Hautelook // Tee: Victoria's Secret // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: Dolce Vita (similar) // Hat: Gap (similar) // Teal Ring: House of Harlow 1960 // Cuff: Lili Claspe (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Turquoise Beads: Infinite Warrior // Bracelet: Lokai // Watch & Gold Rings: Urban Outfitters // Triangle Ring: c/o Shop Lately 

Have you ever decided the day of that you are going to chop off lots of hair? I've done it twice now and both times I've been so happy. I say go for it at least once in your life. I'm talking between 5 and 9 inches type of cut ladies! Let's chat below..

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