March 13, 2015

Outtakes: Volume 3

Do you guys love looking at outtake photos as much as I do? They are probably my favorite part of every photo shoot. 
When I start constructing a blog post, I pull out my favorite 7-9 photos that I will be using in said post. During that process, I also pull any good outtakes from the shoot. These tend to be funny, blurry because of movement, windy shots, or just plain weird.
Feel free to check out more of my outtakes (posts herehere,  here, here, here, and heresince we are already keeping it light today. ;)   

Without further ado, I give you Outtakes: Volume 3:
 photo outtakes_zpsleyiwat8.jpg  photo bloopers_zpst4aaytox.jpg  photo momblogger_zpssbciwccb.jpg  photo boho_zpszmj9gtmb.jpg  photo blogging20bloopers_zps4nsa39ij.jpg  photo diaperbags_zpspqyio65h.jpg  photo shoes_zpsqr13cuye.jpg  photo fashion_zpsfdek476r.jpg  photo heels_zpsonf9y7ub.jpg  photo fashionblogger_zpsryqr3cvx.jpg

Which is your favorite outtake from above? Would you caption any of them differently? Let's chat in the comments section below! 

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