March 18, 2015

Rocksbox It Girl

Unless you've been living under a rock (pun intended), then you have heard about Rocksbox and it's jewelry rental website. 
What's not to love about wearing jewelry for as long (or as short) as you want, ship it back, and get more designer jewelry to wear?!
You had me at I can borrow your had me at I can borrow your jewelry! 

And the best part, you get $10 each month in your account in case you want to purchase any of your items!

So far, I have had two jewelry shipments sent to me. The necklace and ring below were part of my first shipment. I wore the ring non-stop, but decided I just could not live without the necklace and had to buy it. It's hands down my favorite necklace and I'm so glad I'll be able to pass it down to my daughter someday! 
 photo jewelry_zpstqhgixlp.jpg

Below are the three items in my most recent shipment.  The double strand necklace, delicate bracelet, & silver earrings are amazing. I had both the necklace and bracelet in my wish list so the stylist built this collection around them. 
That's another great thing about Rocksbox, after the style quiz you can add items to your wish list and pretty much count on at least one of them coming each time you get a new shipment.   photo rocksbox_zpsg6vbmk8o.jpg

Me being a Rocksbox "it girl" means I can get you your first month for FREE! All you have to do is use "sadbblogxoxo" at checkout and designer jewelry is on it's way to you free of charge for a full 30 days.

Here's a bit more about Rocksbox:  photo 2ca2802c-850e-4b78-a3ca-fa602e7da002_zpse22wpdl1.png  photo 493a2313-3d98-49ff-bfa3-890eee539fa1_zpslwsiaszc.png  photo c75fd261-837a-4734-b4bd-45581f533426_zpsavedpeet.png  photo cda352a5-50af-4369-9f57-c1a3086d1d13_zpsc0se1xgk.png

What are you waiting for? Head over to Rocksbox and use code "sadbblogxoxo" to get your first month for free!

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