October 12, 2015

Beach Waved Hair is Not Just for the Summer...

My favorite way to wear my hair is curled or wavy, especially in the spring and summer time. I mean, what's not to love about hair that looks like you just came from the beach? But what about the fall & winter? I am here to tell you that "beachy waves" are perfect for year round styling. 

Sarah Potempa made our lives much easier when she created The Beachwaver curling iron. Goodbye days of twisting your hair around the iron (& all the burns that went along with that!), and hello an iron that curls your hair with the push of a button. Yes, you heard me right!

I recently took photos with Oak Street Social for The Beachwaver Co. All the photos below were taken in Chicago by the very talented Hallie Duisenberg.

 photo Beachwaver20CHI-6_zpsj6vlg8st.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-8_zpsu8ipkwrr.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-7_zpsdbv9lwyd.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-9_zpsoaaefgrq.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-24_zpsowvezzn7.jpg
Arin (Heart of Chic), myself, Jess (The Golden Girl)
 photo Beachwaver20CHI-35_zpshfhjmp70.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-16_zpsm1imelcg.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-31_zps28dyujte.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-18_zpsqgypex5y.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-30_zpsp3eepb2v.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-42_zpsl3j5hnmk.jpg  photo Beachwaver20CHI-39_zpsmvdagiwt.jpg
Top: H&M (similar) // Plaid Scarf // Jeans // Faux Leather Jacket: Sheinside (similar) (similar) // Plaid Jacket // Booties // Feather Cuff: Coach  // Hat: Gap // Watch // Clutch // Saddle Bag // Lip Color: Loved Up

See, beach waves are perfect for year round styling! Do you own a Beachwaver iron yet? What do you think of beach waved hair year round?

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