April 18, 2017

Spring Break Recap: Day Three & Four

I hoped you enjoyed yesterday's recap of my family's first two days on our spring break trip. Today, I am sharing details from day three and four. What I didn't mention yesterday was that this was the first cruise my husband and children have ever been on. We wanted to be prepared for anything so we brought items like power strips (there are not many outlets in your room & all four of us had IPads or phones), sea bands for motion sickness, MyCharge, and even brought a case of Lacroix. I mean, a girl needs what a girl needs. We ended up using all of these items! Day three was at sea, so the sea bands really came in handy. My daughter got sick twice and within minutes these bands saved the day. I also found myself wearing them on the two sea days and it made a world of a difference. 

We started off the day with watching the sunrise off our balcony while eating breakfast and drinking coffee that was sent to the room. Next up, we headed to the main pool to snag chairs for the day. That's a thing, if you don't get your chairs before 9:00am, you don't get chairs. Oh we got chairs everyday! ;) No, but seriously we did.  

Day Three: At Sea & Formal Night
 photo travel-6_zpsiurn3q8p.jpg

I have to say, I really enjoyed this day at sea. We were able to swim with the kids all morning, have lunch overlooking the ridiculously blue waters, and we even ran into Mr. & Mrs. Potato head on our way back to our room. This day was "formal night", so my mom booked a portrait session for all twenty-one of us. The photos all turned out amazing and I can't wait to hang a few in frames here at my home.

The food this night was also outstanding. Like I said yesterday, I probably ate more this trip I usually do in two weeks. Let's be honest, I'm not generally cooking 4 course dinners and enjoying ice-cream multiple times a day! ;) It was so good though, you guys! I mean, when in Rome...

 photo travel-7_zpsboccw0h3.jpg

 photo travel-8_zps7tnv1eex.jpg  photo travel-10_zpsxm8oahf2.jpg
Ryan's Suit: Macy's 
My Dress: Lulus // Necklace: c/o Park Lane Jewelry
Kids Clothing: Amazon Fashion

After dinner we changed into more cozy clothing and headed to the top of the ship for mini-golf with the kiddos. We all had a blast! Between the mini-golf, countless numbers of times down the water slide (even myself & Ryan), and daily trips to the arcade we were all being total kids at heart. I'm not sure how after eating so much at 6:00pm, but we ended up ordering room service at 10:30 and ate on the balcony then all laid in bed talking about our favorite parts of the day. As much as we hung out with our full family group, the four of us really had some special moments! Isn't that what family vacations are all about?

 photo travel-11_zpsqkfhqhmm.jpg
Day Four: Progreso, Yucatan 

This was hands-down my favorite day of our trip! My mom booked an excursion for the entire group and we took a 40 minute bus ride to a resort. There was a massive pool and private beach and then there was the gorgeous ocean just feet away...with palm trees everywhere you turn. We spent 3 hours swimming, laying in hammocks, eating and drinking, and just relaxing. This was the most relaxing day, that's probably why I loved it so much! Our tour guide, Adam, was such a nice person and he really made the ride and experience that more enjoyable. Did I mention we did a little shopping? OK, so this was the most relaxing day and I did a little shopping too, yes, it was my favorite! ;)

 photo travel-12_zpsl2hkvdvr.jpg
Cover Up: Free People via Trunk Club // Swim Suit: Becca via Trunk Club // Hat: Gift Shop in San Diego // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
 photo travel-13_zpsoxvmtzqv.jpg  photo travel-14_zpsw14mjgcj.jpg
That night, I enjoyed more shrimp and ended up trying the vegetarian dinner option, which was a quinoa stuffed tomato, and it was quite good. The food abundance might have gotten to me by this day! lol 

Again, another successful night with the family. My kids did go to "Camp Ocean" each night for about an hour and a half. This was the daycare (for lack of a better word) on the cruise ship. Each age group was split into different rooms and my kids were in the same room. They even gave us a cell phone so we could be reached at any given moment and vice versa when our kids were there. This gave me piece of mind, although watching them run in there as soon as they were checked in and barely say goodbye was also an indication. My children loved it! They met kids from all over the world there, my daughter hung with a girl from Brazil and my son really loved hanging with one of the staff members from England. In Camp Ocean there were dance parties, contents, magic shows, and XBOX systems. Ryan and I  couldn't compete with that! This also gave us a few stolen hours alone spread out throughout the week. 

 photo travel-15_zpsx4cvdmbg.jpg
Can you believe I still have more photos from this trip to share with you?! I kid you not when I say I ended up with close to 700 photos in 7 days (that includes the entire portrait sessions too though)!. What can I say, I love taking photos? Stop by tomorrow for the last spring break post, it's a must see, in my opinion. Mostly because I got to cross something off my bucket list!  

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