August 16, 2017

A Bit About My Sunglasses Collection

On National Sunglasses Day, I put up a photo of my sunglasses collection on IG. From there, my friend Michelle (hey Michelle!) said I should do a post about where I shop for all of these. Fun fact, I never loose my sunglasses. Knock on wood, I know. I have found that if I have a "home" for them, and always put them back, I don't loose them. In fact, the only time I have ever misplaced them is when I am shooting outfits for the blog and I am bringing too many pairs out at a time. 

 This collection is ever growing, adding two more pair this year, so far. I started this collection in 2012 and the teal frames are the first ones I got. As you can see below, they are still there holding the fort down! Below I have broken them down into categories. First off, where each pair is from, and links if you can still shop said pair. Next, I've pulled aside my most worn pairs, favorite rounds, and first designer pair. I hope you enjoy! 

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4: Quay (sold out) // 5 // 6

1 // 2: JC Penny, MNG by Mango // 3: Urban Outfitters // 4: JustFab // 5: ZeroUV // 6 

1: ZeroUV // 2: Free People // 3: A Thrift Store in Austin, TX // 4: Amazon // 5: ZeroUV // 6 
As you can see, I have a good mix of designer sunglasses mixed with glasses that are under $20 (and actually quite a few under $10). I love checking out ZeroUV for new styles and Urban Outfitters and Free People stock great styles in the spring and fall months. Don't forget thrift stores! Some great finds, even sunglasses can be found there. 
My go-to top four pair:

These four pair are my go-tos for sure. Year round in fact! I wear the Ray-ban mirror ones in the summer the most, but it is still fun to break them out mid-winter. The black ones by Raen are my newest pair and honestly, I don't know how I have gone this long without sunglasses in this shape. The tortoise and red were both picked up in 2015 and since they are Coach and Kate Spade the quality is really amazing. They also never go out of style so that's a plus when splurging on a pair. You want to make sure you will get your moneys worth, so start with less expensive frames and if you can hold on to them, slowly build up your collection. 

My favorite rounds:

Honestly, I did not think when I picked up these very trendy tortoise rounds from Quay, that I would still have and love them, but I do! It's been two years with these beauties and we are still going strong. The green ones were about $20 and they have stuck around for four years now. 
The round Ray-ban's have been on my wish-list for years and I finally snagged them as a gift this past b-day. They are probably my most treasured pair, both because of who gave them to me and also the retro style. Lastly I have my thrift store pair. I got these in Austin, TX and again, I thought I'd only wear them a few times tops. So not the case! 

My first pair of designer sunglasses: 

Hello Prada! My hubby got these for me for our five year wedding anniversary (4.5 years ago now). We had plans to go to Mexico that January and we had gotten a good amount of Macy gift cards for Christmas. There is a Sunglasses Hut in Macy's folks! I have to admit, I was nervous. I kept going back and forth about if I actually needed them because what if I lost them. What a waste of money it would be. I remember my hubby saying we were over 30 years old, had two kids, and should have nice things. If we could keep two kids alive, surly we could keep sunglasses in our position. Well, the rest is history and my Prada baby is doing well and worn with love regularly! 

Where do you shop for your sunglasses? What is your favorite pair from above? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! xo

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