December 27, 2017

Christmas Parties Two-Five

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Every Christmas we attend four Christmas parties in two days, leaving us with lots of travel time, but the opportunity and privilege to see all sides of our family. Honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way! Well, maybe less driving and more sleep, but not the seeing all the family part. ;) In the past seven years, I have always posted what I have worn on each of the days, but this year I decided to combine the two days of outfits into one post. I mean, why drag it out, right? lol

This was my Christmas eve outfit. Remember when I talked about wearing what's in your wardrobe and not all new items? Well, here is another example of that. The dress I picked up three years ago and I have worn it a few times on the blog already (here & here). The shoes were also scooped up back in 2014, and I have worn them countless times since as well (here, here, here, here, name a few). Sadly, the jacket can't be found any longer either as it's last Spring cabi Clothing. That said, the bag, stole, and earrings are new and made great additions to a dress, jacket, and shoes that I have worn year in and year out. 

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Dress: Nordstrom // Shoes: JustFab  // Jacket: cabi Clothing // Faux Fur Stole & Bag: Rachel Zoe // Earrings: House of Harlow // Ring: Jared // Necklace: Jules Vance Jewelry

On Christmas Eve, we attended a dinner at my dad and step mom's home. We spent time with my siblings, nieces, and nephews... the kids always have so much fun. There are 10 kids under the age of 12, so they are all very close and play very well together. Next up, we headed to my Hubby's grandpa's home to see his aunts, uncles, cousins, and all of their spouses and kiddos. This one is such a fun party, complete with a visit from Santa (or one of Santa's helpers as my son likes to point out). That said it's later in the evening (starts at 7pm) and the younger kids get pretty sleepy. We usually get home around 10:30pm and by the time we get the kiddos down and prep our home for Santa (and pack what we need for the next two parties), our bedtime is closer to midnight. 

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We set our alarm for 6:00am and get the coffee flowing! By 6:30am we wake the kids up so they have  a full 60 minutes to open their gifts from Santa and enjoy it a bit before we have to change and get back in the car. Since it's a 9:00am pajama brunch party, I decided to keep it classic in slippers, leggings, a holiday tee, and a cozy cardigan. It was the perfect outfit for eating so much yummy food, drinking mimosas, and opening gifts with my hubby's parents, my sister & brother-in-law, our nephew, my hubby's cousin and her husband, and my husband's aunt. It's always a lovely time and one that always seems too rushed. We are very blessed to have all of them in our family! My mother-in-law cooks for days leading up to it so that everything is just perfect for us. I have been dreaming of her egg casserole ever since, but I digress.. ;) 

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Around 12:30pm we get back in the car and head home to unload the car, reload with the next round of gifts, change into casual clothing, and get to my mom's home by 3:00pm. (No one in our family lives close to each other.) ;)

This too is a casual party as it's just my grandfather, mom, step dad, five siblings and their spouses, and all eight of my nieces and nephews. So....ten kids under 12 at this other words, it's loud AF! lol Again, the perfect place to drink lots of mimosas, eat tons of food and desserts, and open endless piles of gifts. Again, you look around and think about how blessed you truly are! My mom cooked 24 pounds of prime rib roast this year....add in everything else she made for this day and she truly is such an amazing chef. I think everyone thinks that about their mom's cooking though, no? But seriously though, she is the best! 

I wore my reindeer sweater I picked up last November, my favorite jeans that I literally can't stop wearing, and the cutest flats I picked up at the end of summer. In the end it was a great mix of old and new pieces and it was super cozy too! 

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Sweater: The Limited (old) (similar) (similar) // Jeans // Shoes // Watch // Chain Ring

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas! What did you guys do? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I hope you make it a great day! xo

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