September 18, 2020

Recipe: Slow Cooker Apple Sauce


Last weekend it was rainy and wet, so instead of going apple picking like we had planned, we decided to just stop by the orchard and pick up some apples. There is still lots of season left, so we'll just try again later in the month. If you are like me, you love cooking and baking and an extra trip to the orchard just means more apple recipes to try! 

 I decided to split the apples we picked up into three piles. The first group efor apple sauce, the next for apple butter, and the remainder for apple pie. All three were super delish, so today I'll be sharing the apple sauce recipe, tomorrow I'll share the apple pie recipe, and you can find my apple butter recipe here, which I posted two years ago. 


-16 apples 

-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon (more if desired)

-1 cup spring water

-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract


1) Peel, core, and slice apples and place in slow cooker. 

2) Add ingredients together.

3) Cook on low for 4-6 hours, masking a few times with a potato masher. 

4) Store in a sterilized mason jar of container of choice. 

I usually store my apple sauce and apple butter (also any jams and jellies I make) in mason jars. I recently began saving any reusable containers around the house and have found they come in super handy. Below is a container from organic apple sauce I bought at our local grocery store. I cleaned it, sterilized it, and filled it up with some of the apple sauce I made in this batch! 

So that's it. This super easy recipe is sure to make you family, friends, or just yourself very happy! Make sure you stop back tomorrow for my apple pie recipe (vegan and gluten free!). 

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xoxo