December 5, 2012

Outfit: Purse Party

Every year my sister hosts her annual purse party (previous posts here and here) and every year I go and buy 4 lucky ladies their Christmas gifts.
Here is what I wore:
silverspeck Photobucket just fab
I had both kids with me again this year, so I wanted to wear something I could bend a lot in. I paired this cute knit with jeans and booties. Simple, cute, and ready to shop!
I picked out my four gifts and got myself a Michael Kors crossbody before the party even started. Since I was racing against the kids bedtime I missed out on the actual party and just shopped as soon as they had finished setting up.
Here are some photos of this years set up:

Ever attend a purse party? They are VERY fun! ;)

*Check out my other outfit post on the Sisters Marie blog today!


Sarah Hartley said...

How fun! And I love your sweater!

Ruthie {Look Learn Love} said...

Wow, a purse party sounds like my kind of party! :) Love the outfit!

Unknown said...

That sweater is beyond amazing!! You look fabulous! I've never been to a purse party, no one I know ever hosts them but they sound like a lot of fun!

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks! ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks girl! xo

Unknown said...

it's so fun! and thank you! xo

Polly said...

Michie? I've been to one of those. Love your jumper.