May 17, 2017

Outtakes: Volume 10

It's that time again, time to check out some of my favorite outtakes! As you know, I just love these posts as it's a great opportunity to have a few laughs at with me. Come on, no one should take themselves so seriously. I mean, if you are going to judge what I'm wearing and how I look, you might as well see the best in the ones I don't post. ;) I give you my lasts installment of outtakes:

But first, a hair flip!
 photo outtakes-15_zpsq0nxbcxi.jpg

"I leaned into a spiderweb, and I'm over it!" 
 photo outtakes-10_zpspenc9axm.jpg

When it's 9am, I'm all dolled up, and some dude starts beeping at me. STANDARD! The life of a blogger. ;)
 photo outtakes-3_zpsbmccpz9x.jpg

CC- "Want to go back to the car to change?" Me- "Nope, I'll just take my top off in the middle of this street." 
 photo outtakes-7_zpsscurywff.jpg

"Wait my hair is caught."
 photo outtakes-8_zpsnkmxy7o5.jpg

"OK, my hair is caught again...please hold."
 photo outtakes-9_zpsmy3xhey4.jpg

Awkwardly walking...
 photo outtakes-12_zps8xnguwrz.jpg

The moment I literally fell back in my seat! 
 photo outtakes-6_zpswowa3zcf.jpg

Open your eyes Lisa! 
 photo outtakes-2_zpsxwmioofq.jpg

Robot pose...
 photo outtakes-4_zpsec0n0dsr.jpg
Would you caption any of these photos differently? Which one is your favorite? Mine is hands-down when I fell back in the chair. I had a big bruise on my back for awhile after that one and it was just so "me". If you know me IRL, you know I am super clumsy.  For more laughs, check out my last Outtakes post here. As always, thank you for stopping by the blog! xo

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