April 30, 2014

Side by Side Challenge: Spring Denim

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 photo 77da9724-89d7-4bcd-be16-691295932a23_zps21b46915.jpg 
The ladies of 2 Girls in 2 Cities are at it again and this month they wanted us to showcase how we style our denim for spring. (See previous side by side challenge posts here & here.)

This month Jill of Hot Pink Style and Julien of It's Julien joined in the fun to show us their spring styling too. Make sure you head over to their blogs, as well as 2 Girls in 2 Cities, to see their full posts today as well! ;) 

Here is my spring denim look: 
 photo 113d0b56-9137-4bc5-a7cc-57a2b27c318e_zpsb64b5f80.jpg  photo bf084f89-d823-469e-88e8-cc6aef9f769b_zps4c4da3c7.jpg  photo 40636572-6307-4884-8c84-ac3837435628_zpsfd4443b4.jpg 
I love wearing light denim in the spring. 
I bought these boyfriend jeans back in December when Express had their 50% off sale and couldn't be happier to finally be wearing them! 

Nothing says spring to me like light denim, cute sandals, a bright colored blouse, and a great hat! 
 photo e75b2414-c116-4c74-9aae-6f7ea27c37d0_zps87566a3a.jpg  photo 5134380e-e0fd-452b-ae02-363addc0366a_zpsf714bb29.jpg
Top: Loft // Jeans: Express // Shoes: c/o Sole Society // Bag: Swap w/ Kaitlyn (Just Fab) // Bracelet: c/o House of Gemmes // Watch: Fossil // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Hat: Charming Charlie // Necklace: Ax+Apple // Stackable Rings: Shop Jules 

How do you style your denim in spring? 

April 28, 2014

Guest Post: Lindsay of Linzeelu Thank You

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Hello again Stilettos and Diaper Bags readers! I am back for more :) 
And this time I am shining a spotlight on a popular trend this Spring: Flower Power! Tis the season to decorate and dress up with all the beautiful blooms that abound this time of year!
  Flower Power | Floral Bathing Suit | Linzeelu Thank YouFlower Power | Floral Wall Paper| Linzeelu Thank You Flower Power | Floral Dress | Linzeelu Thank You Flower Power | Floral Decor | Linzeelu Thank You Flower Power | Floral Heels| Linzeelu Thank You flower_power_plates 

Spruce up your space or clear out room in your closet for a bright & vibrant spring trend! And if all else fails, fresh flowers at home will do the trick! Flower Power | Fresh Flowers | Linzeelu Thank You 

 How do you feature flowers this spring? 
Visit me at my main spot & share your thoughts! xx, Linzeelu Thank You

I just love this post. Thank you so much Lindsay for helping me out while I'm away at Disney with my family! Make sure you all head over to Lindsay's blog and show her some love! 

April 25, 2014

Guest Post: Jessica & Jill of Jess + Jill

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Gloomy Days, Bright Attire 
Hello! To those that may not know us, we're Jess & Jill - two blogger besties who eat, drink, and dress up together! And lately we've had one thing on our mind... warmer weather. So Mother Nature, listen up.
When it comes to spring, outside of the flowers and allergens (hello, itchy eyes!), our minds go straight to rainy weather. While we absolutely love staying dry inside with a Netflix marathon and comfy pajamas, at some point we have to leave our house. But who says the weather has to cramp your style?
We can't get enough of a fun rain boot and funky umbrella, since they make a unique statement on a gloomy day. If wet jeans aren't your thing - because really, who enjoys that - a rolled up pair takes care of the problem and gives off an effortlessly fashionable look. Plus, a distressed design helps hide any raindrops! And there's no excuse to pull out that poncho you paid an arm and a leg for at Disney. These coats will keep you dry without looking like a tourist, because that's never chic.
1. Pocket Umbrella ($26.50) - J.Crew, 2. Tapered Boyfriend ($194.00) - Henry & Belle, 3. Umbrella ($38.00) - kate spade new york, 4. Longchamp Le Pliage Tote ($145.00) - Bloomingdale's, 5. Rainy Day Necklace ($25.00) - Emily Elizabeth Jewelry, 6. Double Breasted Raincoat ($139.00) - Zara, 7. Ted Baker 'Atiri' ($150.00) - Zappos, 8. Rainy Day Earrings ($22.00) - red truck designs, 9. Daisy Lace Plastic Mac ($96.00) - Topshop, 10. Spring 13 Rainboot ($39.00) - Marc by Marc Jacobs, 11. Coincidence & Chance Cutest Rain Slicker Jacket ($79.00) - Urban Outfitters, 12. Hunter Original Rain Boots ($140.00) - Akira, 13. Gold Circle Bracelet ($20.00) - Pura Vida Bracelets.
Who couldn't smile at these little accessories? Facing this weather is looking a whole lot better already! And if you haven't had your fill of weather complaints, you can vent about it to us on Twitter

I spy a few items I must pick up asap! ;) Thank you so much for helping me out with a guest post ladies! Make sure you all head over to their blog and show them some love! xo

April 22, 2014

Outfit: Well Hello Spring!

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 photo f0dc3aae-8c3f-44f9-84bd-1cdd50d47357_zps856c93ec.jpg  photo 7f557072-3992-4990-99c2-ea3223406546_zps4a40d6b9.jpg  photo 44707808-1ede-404b-ac17-959bad2f3831_zps282f92d7.jpg
The Midwest has finally warmed up! (insert happy dance)
It was 78 and sunny this day and I decided to wear a simple floral dress and add just a few accessories.

This gold hammered necklace is beyond! You will be seeing this beauty a lot in coming outfit post. What can I say, when you find a great piece of jewelry you should wear it! ;)
 photo 2eb4ed86-cf8f-4a1a-8722-0a1beb23dcf4_zpsd1218457.jpg  photo cd3ee8dd-0163-4c22-9f0f-8aa851981204_zpsa9382645.jpg  photo 7136e9d6-500f-482a-adf5-9d1af7956981_zps269796d6.jpg
Dress: Because I Shop Too Much (Forever 21) // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // Sunnies: Prada // Watch: Fossil // Necklace: c/o Sole Society 

I finished the look off with a wedge sandal, a few rings, and a watch and that was it!
And obviously I needed to do some twirling. Warm weather and a great dress? Twirl ladies, twirl!

What do you think of this look?
Is it finally warming up were you are from?

April 21, 2014

Outfit: Watermelon Shorts? Yes Please!

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 photo 6a0dfc55-fa5b-4dc6-b30a-3cb0a7628304_zpsb173463e.jpg  photo 1456de2e-d7cc-4a92-9b0f-a7c15fc9b1da_zps7fa14776.jpg  photo d910c47f-c78b-4f68-8823-c6980b46cfc2_zps43161321.jpg
I was recently gifted a pair of watermelon shorts from Vineyard Vines and to say I am obsessed is an understatement!

They are cute enough to be dressed up with a blouse and heels like I did or can even be dressed down with a tank & flats for a casual picnic on the weekend.  I am looking forward to styling them again and again this spring/summer. ;)

 photo 3c18a530-278b-42a3-8db9-9c8395b137c0_zps9893d826.jpg  photo ef013a3c-be84-4271-bf53-8eee4566f703_zpsbace84de.jpg  photo cc21ee0c-acd0-4a4a-888b-428cb3182f1e_zpsc3b541b1.jpg  photo 20feb7f5-3ef2-44e6-bf16-65f64992c405_zpsb835d2fd.jpg
Top: Thirty Something Fashion Box Service  // Shorts: c/o Vineyard Vines // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Watch: Fossil // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Shoes: c/o Sole Society // Necklace: XO Veronika // Chain Bracelet: Victoria's Secret 

To play off the watermelon colors I added a dark pink blouse, coral heel, and nude bag.

What do you think of this look?
Would you rock watermelon shorts?

April 18, 2014

Outfit: Mid Week Morning Meet-Up

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 photo 7fa324a2-fa98-4493-9db7-526f7526364f_zps5daf8386.jpg  photo 08a57c44-6601-447c-82fd-3efce2d43d8a_zps86e1fa1b.jpg  photo eaf87576-8b95-416b-86cc-ca44c131a3fc_zps037ab2b7.jpg Yesterday I met up with my college rommie (and her adorable 11 week old son) for a quick breakfast while my kids were at school. 
I generally spend my kid-free time working, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. so it was a super nice change of pace to hang out with a friend and catch up over a great meal! 

I kept the look super simple by pairing my boyfriend jeans with a bright plaid, simple jewelry, and a super chic neutral bag.
 photo fcee5b70-2e7b-45b4-9a5f-5b1d2f28b5d8_zpsb221074a.jpg  photo 1f6fce46-d465-4d75-b5be-fbe643fcf60f_zpsbf99c4be.jpg  photo 2aac7c5a-2925-4fd6-8b4f-d149dc879ae6_zps9d94c599.jpg
Top & Jeans: Express // Shoes: Dolce Vita // Bag: c/o Sole Society // Watch: Fossil // Necklace: Castellammare Jewelry // Chain Pave Bracelet: Sole Society // Sunnies: American Eagle (my hubby's) // Rings: Shop Jules 

Do you ever meet up with friends mid-week for a meal out?
What do you think of this outfit pairing?

April 15, 2014

Toddler Fashion: Roller Girl Outfit

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 photo c617609e-9fb3-4c5f-a4b5-6aa7bdefadef_zps9e7e3dd9.jpg  photo 8a585ddf-04d8-4a60-bbd2-60973a96e4a3_zps2c9255ac.jpg  photo 89901686-d039-4fa1-b27d-092c360ff948_zps81939952.jpg  This month the bean was all about the roller girl outfit. Honestly, I was loving this one too so I was super glad she choose it. 

The mini me hammed it up doing some great "fashion poses" for our shoot. "These shoes mama! Where are my glasses? Not those, the rainbow pretty ones please. How about pose like this?" Yeah, like mother like daughter.
I have zero say in what she wears these days. She is one VERY opinionated three year old! 

I love that FabKids always has outfit she not only wants, but literally waits and asks daily if they have arrived yet as soon as we order! 
 photo f0a9f306-b120-4511-841a-b13f176ec3c1_zps26bde389.jpg  photo 055a0481-dc1f-4e26-b18e-d65704c07597_zps27badf71.jpg
Top & Skirt: c/o FabKids // Shoes: Keds // Sunnies: The Children's Place 

What do you think of the roller girl outfit? 
Do you know a little lady that would rock this look out?

April 14, 2014

Silver Jeans: TV Appearance + Store Grand Opening at Woodfield Mall

This past Thursday morning myself, Johanna of 101 Things I Love, & Zahra of Love Zahra all headed to Chicago to tape a segment for Silver Jeans on You & Me This Morning.

We were each sent head to toe Silver Jeans brand outfits to wear during the segment. It was so fun to see how the styling changed from the idea of the outfit to the actual taping. (The ditched all our purses, my hat, and restyled my tops the day of.)

  Mr. Silver himself was there to chat about fit and how to find the perfect denim for your body type.

Here are some before and after the taping photos from early Thursday morning:
 photo youandmethismorning_zpsdbf08f44.jpg
Token dressing room selfies and green room shot (got to love extra coffee when getting up at 5:00am!)

Here is a shot of me during the segment:
 photo f5b3db95-de72-439d-9af9-ce5b55e94765_zps3d15e622.jpg
And here we are with the segment host, Mr. Silver, and Luke (a male model from Chicago):
 photo 7179d3df-39b3-4d27-bd55-08882e4ab651_zps9be48297.jpg
(If the above video is not working you can find the full clip here!)

Two days later I headed over to Woodfield mall to check out the new Silver Jeans Loft store. 
From 2-4 you could meet the style blogger Zahra Sandberg and since she is one of my blogger besties I wanted to go and show her my support. I actually brought my daughter with me. This was her first "fashion event" (as she calls it) and was very excited about he cake pops and balloons. 

Here are a few shots of the store:
 photo 6f703a71-8395-4513-97a0-f2ac2f50dd79_zpsf1b57348.jpg  photo f5c8e4b6-c59e-4aca-a0d1-e659405a8a73_zpsb7f0b663.jpg  photo 73984472-32b3-4b32-9c04-2234cb4f0de5_zps159ec53c.jpg  photo d8be882c-b278-4800-bce6-d3705a90dc23_zps4b857d9e.jpg
 photo securedownload_zps80cf5d98.jpeg
myself, Kaitlyn of Sisters Marie, Zahra of Love Zahra  (mini me in the corner) ;) 

The staff (or denimologists) are ready with tape measures to get you set up with the perfect pair of jeans for your body type. 
Once I was measured I was told the type of denim that would fit my body the best. This made everything from that point super easy as there were only 3-6 washes in that style to choose from (I was looking at denim shorts, not jeans this day). 
The entire jean shopping experience was made about 100 times easier by having their staff know so much about the brand and how to pair you with your perfect fitting jeans.

Make sure you head over and check out the new store if you live near the Schaumburg area!

Do you wear Silver brand jeans?
I love the three pair I have!